IV Porto Santo's Biennial – PARTICIPATIONS:

The fourth edition of the Porto Santo's Biennial for 2011, will be accepting entries in the areas of visual arts, performances or transdisplinary works based on the theme HOMO VIRTUALIS:

1 - Open competition;
2 - Specifically for installation works, both indoors and outdoors;
3 - Competition for digital photography black and white (the images can be sent by Internet to be printed by the organization);
4 - Competition for works, integrating the preparatory shows (to be announced), which define a number of core themes of the IV Porto Santo's Biennial;
5 - Can be submitted also proposals in animation or performing arts.


The jury selection: the Commissioner of the Biennial;

Each artist can submit an unlimited number of works and / or actions;

Proposals will be reviewed following each reception, those selected will participate in the fourth edition of the Biennial and will appear in the catalogue;

In some cases it may be taken into consideration the personal attendance of the artist for the assembly of the work and opening of the Biennial;

The Commissioner of the Biennial may also invite artists to participate in events outside of competition;

Partner organizations that are strategically involved with collective or individual may organize their own competitions and other selection methods, in accordance with the criteria that they think best to serve the purpose for their representation at the Porto Santo's Biennial. These partnerships are directly responsible for aspects of production that represent them;

It is the responsibility of the artist or of the partner for the delivery of items so that they are included on time for the catalogue and also the reception of the works to Porto Santo, the deadlines must be strictly complied which are set by the Commissioner, under penalty of exclusion;

All competitions and selections close on 31 October 2010;

Regulations of the Biennial to be consulted, are available (in Portuguese).

Both the application of any information and submitting proposals should be sent to the following address: bienaldoportosanto@jokerartgallery.com



NOTE: The participating works for Biennial in Porto Santo are transported, in particular by air, so it necessary that they have certain characteristics in terms of volume and fragility so that they are easy to transport. The sending and receiving of all works are the responsibility of the artist in conformation to the regulations, and yet, it can be also facilitated by the organization the return after each edition of the Biennial in Porto Santo. Overall we recommend the use of the postal services which are not expensive, are fast, and provide reasonable security conditions. We recommend that it should be stated on the package 'art work'. The Postal Service should answer for any shipping damages recorded on reception.
Some information may help:
- Each piece or volume should not exceed 20 kg.;
- Should not exceed 1.20 m. wide;
- Any glass surface or material that is easily damaged should be coated with a material that prevents breakage;
- The pieces must be transported inside a container of wood, cardboard or another, providing security conditions, which can be used both for reception and return, should be properly identified with name, address and contact of the artist or entity ;
- Parts mounted on K-line are easy to transport, but this material offers no durability and it is difficult to make re-use of this material after being disassembled;
- Sending audio visual media’s on DVD (CD-r is not accepted) does not offer any transportation problem, provided they are placed in an unbreakable box and should be sent in duplicate so that there is at least one backup ;
In situations that require a creative nature or other forms of transmission and other constraints either in transport or in the assembly, must be informed in advance to the Commissioner in order to carry out an analysis of situations and seek a viable solution.