Since 2005, the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Porto Santo presents works of designers from all artistic fields. Each edition of the Biennial is the result of a creative process developed through events and exhibitions in Porto Santo and in several localities in the mainland, Portugal, but also increasingly through international dynamics.

The next edition of 2011 will have as theme: "Homo-virtualis".



Fabianny Deschamps

Born in 1975, Fabianny Deschamps is set designer and director, has also devoted her work to the theater and the arts. Currently preparing a first long feature film.


ENFANCES PERDUES / LOST YOUTH - collective participation:

An exhumation of the body immaterial with which we live together, which outcrops incessantly against our will, against us, mark our impulses, our cancellations of our resistance, our identity.


Films by Fabianny Deschamps:

Fiction - 17'46'' - 35mm / colour - 2003

Hermelin, a spirited teenager, goes on holiday to the seaside home of his grandmother Elise, a disturbed sexagenarian beauty vivacious but dry as a bone. A beautiful family house is home to the love of Hermelin, his lover of 35 years, Luca. Elise stands as a spectator of this summer adventure with the implicit consent of their granddaughter, haloed with grace and sensuality of youth, offering a sublime vision of herself as the incarnation of the impossible mourning of femininity.


Fiction - 28' - 35mm / colour - 2005
Lucille, 11, lives in a swimming complex of which the parents are in charge. This strange place is like a flying saucer, it brings out an irrepressible anguish and obscurity. The unidentified object of their disorder will prove to be even more obsessive than the terrors of childhood.


Ficção - 18' - colour - 2009..

We are on the vacant lot of a ghost. Here and nowhere else, I ask those who I love, my friends, and my family, to offer the extremities of their bodies.



Olivier Perriquet

Olivier Perriquet is a research scientist and artist. His experimental visual research is based on the expansive field of cinema and video, accompanying a theoretical study on the possibility of combining the method of scientific vision with an artistic approach.

Site web:


Works presented at the IFP by Olivier Perriquet:

OCÉANIDES - video installation

Bathed in an absolute clarity, the eye tries to distinguish one form, the ear demands an anchor point, the whole body prepares to for a symphony that will take place


VOLATILES (VOADORES VOLÁTEIS) - visual installation

Series of images made with the aid of a system of "motion capture", where the models are translated by a pure movement, the gesture is the only identity of those who carried it out.



This video work is a reflection on language and the relationship that has to do with a gross thought. The constraints were a proposed language of the theorists, who indulge in regular exercise to present their research work


RECOMBINANT LANDSCAPE - video installation

Two landscapes are offered simultaneously to contemplation. The public makes its acquisition by combining them mentally, then after finding a visual interface that merge into a single landscape.